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14-May-2020 00:44

In the ‘good old’ days, before internet dating, people met in a few basic ways: through friends, at a ‘mixer’, a bar, or through a personals ad in a newspaper. How is it that you weren’t snatched up yet”, or something along those lines?

The eighties introduced video dating, where people recorded themselves at a video dating service, and interested parties were able to view your tape. Step one: Although the one liners are an option, none of my clients will respond to one.

It’s a lark; it’s fun, but you could take it or leave it.

The last thing you want to do is come across as though this is the only way you could find a date.

If you’re going to use an online dating site like I recommended, you need to have at least a vague idea of what you’re doing. Therefore I’ll be talking predominantly about OK Cupid’s profile set-up.

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Embed from Getty Images — Welcome to the 21st century of dating! Do you send a ‘flirt’/’icebreaker’ or whatever your site calls a canned one liner, such as “You seem amazing. Before you start writing your profile, do a quick search of men in your age range. There’s a certain universality to most dating site profiles these days and the concepts transfer even if the exact details don’t. Regardless of which site you choose, men outnumber women by factors of 10 or more; it’s a buyer’s market for women, and frankly, they’re already being deluged with winks, pokes, flowers, smiles and incredibly douchey messages. If you want to go with Match, Chemistry, Geek2Geek, Amputeedate, what-have-you, that’s cool.Maintaining an air of confidence and playfulness will take you a long way.

Your self-summary: Who are you, why do I want to talk to you? You want to paint a picture of your life that’s interesting and , something that women are going to want to be part of.

And now, we have online dating, the most popular way to meet a potential mate. To them, it means “you’re too lazy to start a conversation of your own origin”. I recommend a few email exchanges before giving out any personal contact information, such as private email address or phone number.