Able dating ticket

20-Feb-2020 06:01

If you need to change this date, you will need to cancel your ticket (see below) and buy a new ticket.

With the exception of Advance tickets and some special offers where refunds are not available, a ticket may be refunded before travel.

"However, after booking the seats, Alexa did something totally unheard of. "Show me the trailer," the human voice said, commanding the assistant display a preview of the upcoming movie.

If there are still other Advance fares available, you can change it to another Advance fare.

We used the time well by a visit to San Francisco just around the corner but there is lots to do in the area as well. The building is still used for meetings of the Commercial Association and private functions and I would assume those take preference over visitor tours.You will have to pay any difference in fare and an admin fee of £10 per ticket.Please note that changes to ' Advance' fares cannot be made on-board the train.You will be charged an admin fee of £10 per ticket.

If there are no Advance fares available, you can upgrade the ticket to the most appropriate ticket for the journey you now want to make.

Check at the station before you travel: you may find you don't need to pay an additional fare as long as your outward travel date remains the same.