Accommodating assets 1 atlanta ga 30342

29-Dec-2019 17:43

Where our apartment is located, we rarely get natural light that comes in apartment. Our biggest issue is with most of the time unfriendly encounters in the office.We get that problems are a nuisance, but we pay a lot of money to live here and believe that things shouldn't be skimped on or excuses given.

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i would recommend my friends and family to the complex.

The drawers rub against the top of the cabinet doors and the attractive garden tubs were not leveled so water from the shower pools on two corners. Turning up the water heater caused it the go bad and water leaked into the storage closet and sheetrock.

The air conditioning is sub par causing the need to adjust it below the recommended 78 degrees.

We offer a great Preferred Employer Program including AT& T, Auto Trader, Porsche, Fulton County Teachers, various Hospitals and Law Enforcement.

Luxury Apartment and Town Homes are available with floor plans to accommodate every taste level with washer & dryers included, breakfast bars, garden tubs and attached garages available in either one, two or three story layouts. The units have very nice amenities that is most satisfying to everybody's needs to be able to work out have a nice pool to sit around and cook out and sit by the fire.

Aspire Perimeter combines convenience, luxury, and serenity to provide you with a lifestyle you are sure to enjoy.