Addicted to sex prodigy chat

22-Oct-2020 06:25

I don't think that the webcam addiction is any different from a porn addiction.If nofap can help you get clean of the latter it should help with the former as well.Instead of loss of trust I earned greater trust because of my honesty with her. So for your health and the health of your marriage, tell your wife!I've got a similar addiction that I am trying to kick.Good luck and send me a pm if you want to talk to me more about this!

Instead of loss of respect I gained more respect from my wife because of my willingness to be vulnerable with her. But she is happy that I am not keeping secrets from her, she is happy that I view her as a confidant. Our wives are looking for intimacy (not the same as sex) from us and how better to do this than to be open and vulnerable with them.

Spending money on my credit card at 1am, trawling from one girl to the next looking for a fix. I'm in a really healthy relationship - married to someone I love. Besides, when you go through the ups and downs of withdrawal, she's going to notice something is up, and ask you about it.

I don't see my problem as a symptom of something wrong in my relationship. I also want to deal with this problem without telling my wife. Lying in response only reinforces the shame and guilt, and makes you more likely to relapse.

I've never used the filters yet see their usefulness.

The reason you and the key to a trusted friend or another email (or your wife) is to catch that 3 second breath.The fact that she knew about it also made me more resolved to kick the habit. Installing filters (I use Webtrate and anti-social and make sure to restart them every morning when I start my computer) has been important for keeping me from edging.

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