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This could see him pursuing a relationship with Claire, or it could see him dating Carly after asking her out in the last episode.

Speaking more in-depth about what will happen in The Good Doctor season three, Shore said: “One of the things I love about this show is that things that appear to be little moments to the rest of us are huge moments to Shaun.“He’s asking a girl out.

There’s a fun episode where we’re all in fancy dress and had to pretend to be at a party.

That can be awkward, and one of the things I like most is doing dialogue over party music, they’re not actually playing music so you’re just shouting over silence.’ Your breakout role was Alisha in was my first job after I left drama school and it was quite the opposite of what I thought I’d be doing.

In the season two finale, Claire was shown channelling her inner Shaun in order to save the life of a man who attacked Shaun.

Claire is starting to think more like Shaun, but could this be a sign of an upcoming romance between them?

The operation scenes are fun and also tricky because it’s about the angles and can take time and be pernickety to get right.

But I haven’t picked up any knowledge that would be useful to me in the real world, putting up my hand anytime and shouting ‘I’m a doctor’”.

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They added: “But until that happens as much as I really, really want them together, story-wise it would not make sense.”This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.With the second season airing to 16 million audiences, it’s the number one drama on US network ABC and airing in the UK on Sky.