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"She didn't know a lot of the things going on with Shane and...he's been a very good friend to Andrea - he taught her everything she knew, he mentored her and she became an incredibly sharp shooter, and she really emerged from being a suicidal, rough woman into an empowered survivor...Norman dropped out of high school when he was in 10th grade in 1988.He decided to move to Japan then England and lastly to Spain supporting himself with odd jobs and selling paintings throughout the way.

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It really does kind of depend on the story and the people attached." Is it more difficult playing in something like by far is the hardest thing I have ever done.

as we open up in season three, you'll see we've ventured off on our own, we're completely separated from the rest of the group and we've forged a real bond.

"We're the best of friends and we're the alpha females that have each other's backs and are willing to die for one another.

She works with the nonprofit Home From Home, which helps HIV-infected children.

In 2014, she became associated with Operation Underground Railroad, a volunteer organization that helps the sex trafficking victims and from there they rescued 50 sex-slaves.Heather Laurie Holden is a human rights activist, model and actress best recognized for her roles on The Mist, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, Silent Hill, The Shield and The Majestic.