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I don't believe that the stem material allows one to date a pipe since Bill continued to use vulcanite after he introduced the Ashtonite material.Unfortunately Les Wood does not stamp a year code on his silver and gold work, other than the metal work you will find on Dunhills.You will have even better success locating tobacco blends you'll love once you have learned the tastes of some of our more prolific reviewers.

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Pipe smoking is growing again, and Tobacco Reviews is growing with it.

Immediately, then, Tobacco Reviews showed me what were, according to the many users here, the highest-rated tobaccos in the world.

Click on the Search tab to get started with basic searches.Pipe smoking finally got me away from cigarettes; but when I was ready to return to the pipe, I knew I wanted to smoke only the very best tobaccos, and I wondered what those might be.