Ballbusting chat

08-Oct-2019 21:36

And this is precisely what is it and how it was done in the beginning.

Just as any other good idea in this world, ballbusting pornography is improved in the incoming years.

If such a chatroom was moderated to prevent abuse, I think it would be great!

Rebecca Hello Rebecca, You requests are legitimate.

And if both their faces turned red because the reality is they were caught by you engaging in fantasy play that they both find exciting, wouldn't that put it all in a different perspective? tu es pas idiot ici tu trouvera ce que tu cherche il faut slectionner search (ne pas choisir Interest Search On): but just Search before clear traduction: If you are not stupid here you will find for what you look he(it) search needs to select (do not choose Interest Search On): purpose just Search (choice,ex BALBUSTING) or (********** is good too) before clear is free just email no pay!!!

Look through the listings of Sub Female users that have joined Ballbusting Chatroom that are tagged with CBT.

As you are most likely expecting, this (initially) amateur femdom method has a specific name and it is called Tamakeri (玉蹴り).

Properly translated, it actually means ball kicking.

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sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

it didn’t take long prior to tortured testicles ended up being a trademark for Asian porn female supremacy.

I think the kind of guy who gets offended, is often just uninitiated into what is really going on. I have been meaning to set up some sort of chat room when I get some free time and have to do one for a project anyway so may get round to doing this at some point. Allowing users to simply to choose a username and go will leave it open to all sorts of spamming/harrassing/name stealing.

I mean, if you just walked into a room where you heard screaming and saw what appeared to be a man molesting a woman, wouldn't you naturally think a crime was being committed? Would have to be one of those 'PM for access and an account with your femdom forum name will be created for you' things.

I think a good sized ballbusting chat room would be nice.

I think the BB community would grow a lot faster that way, with easier access to things you want to communicate across the web. i use this site that pairs 2 ppl up and you, and the stranger so u and stranger talk completely anonymous.Some of the useful features there: - registration of a unique username is required; - usernames have to be requested (motivated, by mail) from the moderator; - there is a shared chatroom, but most users go one-on-one for chats; - anyone (once registered) can invite you to chat, but it is really easy to ignore or ban a user for a particular session; - no logging (or persistence) of what is being said during a chat, which makes it a lot more 'private' and spontaneous than any forum or board... One would be the guys who absolutely flood us women for requests to fulfill their fantasies.

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