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06-Oct-2020 21:30

Or you’ve dated someone for a few weeks, met their friends, spent tons of time together then gradually they became too busy to see you until they disappear all together. Examples of : “Yeah I think Monday could work” • “You can come if you want” • ‘Read at pm • Two days of no texts and then a drunk text at 11pm • Not liking any of your social media posts despite sleeping together • Talks about exes a lot Examples of True story: After dating a guy for a few weeks – a purely casual and mainly sexual relationship – I left the guy’s house one Saturday morning to discover his lift wasn’t working.

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Even if you have your sights set on settling down with kids one day, I see people with kids here so I guess it is possible.When I first moved to Berlin a guy once said to me, “If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’ve moved to the wrong city.” At the time I didn’t understand the extent of the dire dating situation here but after two years of experiencing and talking about dating in Berlin – I realize he wasn’t wrong.