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Reinventing himself as a domesticated indie rock elder statesman, he wants fans to forgive him for the cold-blooded old times of his turbulent relationships with Joanna Newsom and Cat Power’s Chan Marshall.On Call Me Anything, one of the album’s early highlights, Callahan attempts to rewrite this history: “I never was the things I said I was / But it’s not as if I lied / What I was, all I was / Was the effort to describe.” It’s always been difficult to separate fact from fiction with the cult songwriter originally known as Smog.God it's so rare to read a proper interview with Bill, for so long I've been feeding on scraps.It's nice to see how he's opening up, his demeanour definitely feels different to previous interviews so let's see how that's affected his music.

"I've been handed a real big serving of human life in the last several years, in having a kid and people dying in my family," he says over his phone with Exclaim! Beginnings, endings, the middle part, old parts, young parts." Indeed, feels like a kind of stocktaking.

Callahan, 52, has been a public figure most of his life.

He initially began by making noisy rock experiments under the name Smog, embracing the limitations of his own knowledge about recording music.

The limits became part of his aesthetic, but as he gained access to "real" studios and practiced his craft, the music he made became a little more accessible or refined, and somewhere closer to country and folk ("I signed Willie's guitar, when he wasn't lookin,'" he boasts proudly on "What Comes After Certainty" from the new album, like a lifelong fan who's earned his keep beyond his wildest dreams).

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In 2007, he started making music under his own name, and with each record since, we seem to learn a little bit more about him.“Well, it’s been such a long time / Why don’t you come on in?