Building a godly dating relationship

16-Jun-2020 11:14

This will provide you a chance to get to know him or her well and will also provide a buffer and accountability against getting too emotionally intimate too early.

Many people want to start out a relationship by spending a huge amount of time alone together.

Get to know one another in groups, find out how the other person reacts to people, spend time with the people he or she cares about.

If you feel that you are not initially attracted to a man who initiates with you, OK — but at least ask yourself why that is.

Are you considering biblical characteristics in that decision?

Do you have enough information to know that you could not marry this man?

If a man initiates with you, ladies, think and pray and seek counsel before simply dismissing him.Then — in addition to actually thinking and praying about it — ask one of your pastors or elders whether he knows him and what he thinks.

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