Cambodia dating relationships

15-Aug-2020 01:10

Many times when a Khmer girl goes against a social norm, she is called "slut and prostitute" (“srey couch”) not just “dirty".She is expected not to date or mingle freely with men or to have premarital sex.Having partners and children outside of marriage may be causing social and economic disruption.Today most Cambodian men choose their own wives, although they still seek the advice and approval of their parents for two reasons.The tradition of holding girls to strict, sometimes harsh standards creates many problems with Khmer-American youth and their parents today.While there are serious consequences for a Cambodian girl for social transgressions, her behavior also affects her family.With such pressure, a girl has no choice but to have her future arranged by her parents and to accept their wishes about marriage.

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A man is compared to a diamond; any transgressions can be corrected.First, he wants to preserve their honor by not marrying a ‘dirty’ girl.