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28-Jan-2020 12:03

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Watch what's live now or use on-demand to view past segments on topics that interest you the most.In September of 2017, Apple introduced the Apple TV 4K, its first update to the set-top box since 2015.The tv OS interface has been redone in 4K with sharper text, and more vibrant images.Videos captured on the i Phone can be viewed in 4K on the Apple TV, and all of the Apple TV's animated video screensavers have been remastered in 4K.Get all the latest news stories from categories including U. News, World, Politics, Science/Technology, Health, Entertainment, Moneywatch and Crime.

cbs news iphone guide dating-34

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You Tube isn't supported, though, as it uses an incompatible format.There are two key technologies at the heart of the new Apple TV: 4K and HDR, both of which bring cinematic quality to everything you watch on the new box.4K support brings incredible detail to the Apple TV with four times the number of pixels as HD.Apple TV 4K supports both the HDR10 industry standard and Dolby Vision, a higher-quality version of HDR with even better color.

The Apple TV 4K is meant to be paired with television that supports both 4K and HDR technology.The Apple TV is twice as fast when it comes to CPU performance and four times as fast when it comes to GPU performance, enabling a whole new class of apps and games.