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26-May-2020 05:22

Say, "I'd like you to meet him (or her.)" Then ask if that's okay and take it from there.Even if they say, "I'm not ready," you've made progress in the right direction by being open and honest.You believe that your anger, disappointment and obvious dislike will change your kid’s mind. Forcing an adult child to make the choice between the parents who raised him and the person he loves always ends badly.Cutting off the child will only cut you off from the wheel of life.

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In the world of single parent dating, if you're asking this question, it might actually be too soon.

So how do you manage it when your child loves a disappointing someone? Objecting will only make your child even more committed to his choice. If you force your child to choose between yourself and the love of his life, you will lose. State your concerns seriously and thoughtfully — once. Sometimes the person who seemed so wrong turns out to have been exactly right.

If sex is involved, it’s even less likely that forcing the issue will help resolve it. But if it all does fall apart, your love and reasonableness through the whole thing will make it far easier for your child to come to you for comfort and to learn from the mistake.

Yet she swears he is the love of her life and she defends him!

His own family doesn’t seem to want much to do with him.

So give it time, and keep checking in now and then to find out how your kids are doing.