Chile culture dating

06-May-2020 08:59

Chilean Christians account for 72% of the population, split mostly between Roman Catholics and Protestants. Chileans follow Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism and more besides.

We’ll run through the top Chile religions that you are likely to encounter on your trip.

In Chile, spinning tops are generally made out of wood and have a metal pivot.

There are several games played on September 18 but the most popular involves a circle drawn on the ground.

Well over half of Chileans identify as Roman Catholic, so chances are high that you’ll meet some Catholics on your travels.

Spanish colonialists introduced Catholicism to Chile in the 16th century, and today the faith is around nine million strong.

Chile separated church and state in 1925, though religion is a big part of private life here all the same.

The biggest religion in Chile, by far, is Christianity.

But on Independence Day, people often engage in a special type of competition.

One player launches their top into the circle and then others join in, trying to hit the first top with theirs and knock it out of the circle.

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