Chris pine and zachary quinto dating

12-Sep-2020 04:19

His father, Robert Pine, is an actor who co-starred on CHi Ps as Sergeant Joseph Getraer, and his mother, Gwynne Gilford, is a former actress who became a practicing psychotherapist. , a short film; and in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.Pine played the part of Nicholas Devereaux, the love interest of Anne Hathaway's leading character.It’s possible that Pine’s success is in part a fluke of timing.He’s come into the prime of his leading man potential just as action movies—still the gold standard for a box office–driven industry obsessed with drawing young men into its clutches—seem to be getting more intelligent, even if they cycle through the same archetypal territories of daddy issues, best-buddy bromances, and reluctant heroism. “That is so -- .” But Pine seems very real, in a very perfect, unreal way.

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In the fall of 2009, Pine began filming the action film Unstoppable, directed by Tony Scott and written by Mark Bomback, which was released in November 2010.

“I think there is a growing homogenization of what masculinity means,” he says. (Indoors, they are a speech-stoppingly bright blue, a shade so intense I’d assumed they only looked that way onscreen because of some post-production magic.) Somehow he doesn’t draw any undue attention sitting smack in the middle of a Sunset Boulevard sidewalk with his iced coffee and chicken sandwich.

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