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In evaluating a relationship that might lead to marriage, three elements are really important (you may decide to include others).I recommend continually assessing any dating relationship in these terms.But no matter how carefully you screen your potential dates, at some stage, you’re going to find yourself on a date where there’s just no chemistry.Chemistry is never guaranteed, no matter how great someone seems over messages and emails, or how hot they look in their photos.Sometimes it can be really useful to hear what it’s like on the other side, to discuss what works and what doesn’t from both perspectives.The older you get, the fewer single friends you may have, so it can actually be really helpful to chat to someone single from the opposite sex. Next time you turn up on a date and don’t feel any chemistry, persevere.You’re not likely to attract that kind of man or woman if you are self-centered, undisciplined, or lack integrity yourself.Compatibility is not limited to having common interests, although it’s great if you like the same music, sports, or activities. But you should have a basic level of compatibility in some key areas of life.

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When you’re infatuated with someone, or when you’re tired of waiting for the right person to come along, it’s hard to apply these standards.

Here are a few character traits to consider: I suggest you make a list of non-negotiable character traits that you are looking for in a partner – remembering that no one is perfect.

It’s also very important that YOU seek to be a high-character person.

But that is actually the most shallow level of compatibility. A relationship isn’t going to make it to marriage without a spark of attraction and excitement.

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Romance will come and go, and love is certainly far more than romantic attraction.

Allowing your emotions to lead your crucial decisions, such as who to allow in your inner circle and your heart does not lead to lasting and fulfilling love. Should I stay with someone who is a really great person and treats me well - but there is no passion - and learn to live with it, or do I end the relationships?

You need to bring your conversations toward more intimate topics as an interaction progresses.… continue reading »

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