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07-Sep-2020 17:08

It usually works out cheaper to pay upfront for a certain amount of time, rather than month by month.For example, with, you'll pay €22.99 a month to join but if you sign up for a year, it costs €170 upfront -- which works out at about €14 a month.It generally costs about €25 an event with and, and about €29 with

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It generally costs between €20 and €30 to head along to a speed dating event, where you get to meet around 15 single people a night.Internet daters tend to be aged between 30 and 50, well-educated, urban-based and with a high disposable income, according to Grainne Barry of "We approve every profile and we can ban the user from the site if there's a problem," says Barry."We organise groups of between 10 and 40 people for dinner dates." Single events are small group gatherings and like speed dating, there's little screening of the people who book into them -- so your age could be the most you have in common with someone you meet there.

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"If you're online dating, and are not getting anywhere with it, consider group events," says Redmond.The international online dating agency charges about €89 for six months, €68.50 for three months and €34 for one month.