Consolidating data multiple workbooks excel

12-Jan-2020 14:34

To see an example, download the Union Query sample files.

It has a query that was built manually, and has a button to refresh the data.

With this solution, you'll end up with a normal pivot table, with none of the limitations.

However, it's a bit tedious to set up, especially if you have more than a couple of tables.

Just close the source wookbook and do it again with the next one, until you've collected all the worksheets you care about into one large wookbook. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Before you use the sample code, replace the sample sheet names with the sheet names in your workbook.

This course is unique in that the weekly assignments are completed in-application (i.e., on your own computer in Excel), providing you with valuable hands-on training.

Week 3 is all about iterating through (automating) worksheets and workbooks.

The zipped folder that contains the file, and the five sample data files.

Unzip the folder, and keep all the files in the same folder.

You will learn how to consolidate information from multiple worksheets into a single worksheet and you will learn how to automatically consolidate information found within multiple workbooks into a single worksheet of a single workbook.

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