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A lot of women are scared of a natural birth and for good reason. I had no problems, good health, so natural birth was an easy decision for me. I put time and effort into watching videos and documentaries, meeting with my midwife and reading books. Not only is Danny Jones HOT when he’s in the nude, he’s a great friend too! Richard’s lifestyle was a mixture of cocaine, parties, shows and orgies, until one day he became ill and the doctor suspected that he has stomach cancer.Though it was not cancer, Richard felt that this lifestyle has to change and he once again, got involved with church activities.FOY VANCELive In London (Gingerbread Man)Mentored by Elton John and Ed Sheeran, the Irish singer-songwriter is in excellent voice on this solo show at London’s Union Chapel.He spends as much time talking as singing, but the simple setting suits his informal approach.VARIOUS ARTISTSFifty Shades Freed (Island) The final instalment of the film trilogy has yielded an uneven but entertaining soundtrack.It mixes new material from stars such as Sia and Dua Lipa with pop newcomers.

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JEFF LYNNE’S ELOWembley Or Bust (Sony)Recorded at Wembley Stadium in June, this CD/ DVD celebrates ELO’s flawless blend of pop and classical.He played the piano excellently and with his many rock hits like Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley, he inspired his rock music lovers a lot.Besides singing and playing the piano, Little Richard appeared in films like ‘The Girl Can’t Help It (1957), ‘Don’t Knock the Rock (1956) and ‘Mister Rock ‘n’ Roll (1957).During his rock ‘n’ roll music days he met Lee Angel, a female stripper and supposedly, fell in love with her and was nearly planning to get married.

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However, this marriage did not take place and they became great friends instead.

The most intriguing inclusions come from emerging Californian singers Kiana Ledé, Sabrina Claudio and Julia Michaels, who steal the show.