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# With argument N in range 1..28 gets date N days before. day=$((day - OFFSET)) if (( day with KSH or BASH, where ND is the number of days. Fri Feb 23 2007: 2877 Big Dumb Dinosaur The TZ method was mentioned in the article body and as pointed out there and in the News articles referenced, IT WON'T ALWAYS WORK.# Tapani Tarvainen January 2002 # This code is in the public domain. I wasn't reinventiing the wheel and I didn't say that it was 100 percent reliable.

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Date Utils.format Date Time() formats a single point in time. FORMAT_SHOW_TIME); // date == ", 12/20/2013" Date Utils.format Date Range() formats a range, like "Jan 5 - Feb 12".(One final note - the example code above shows output in my locale.