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16-Dec-2019 05:25

Let Jewish Gay Personals Help You Make a Love Connection. Meet Gay Jewish Men in Your Area and See Who Wants to Be Your Next Boyfriend. We must ask the following: who is “I”, who is “you”, who is “them/their”?“I” is G-d, “you” is Moses, “them/their” refers to the Israelites.

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Among those works is the Moreh Nevuchim (The Guide for the Perplexed), which was written in Arabic to reach the largest possible audience.

What inspires one person might not inspire another.

Secondly, this interferes with us explaining the creative genius of figures like Einstein in the sciences, or Michelangelo in the arts.

Taken into account with the fact that the Qu’ran quotes from Jewish sources such as the Mishnah (the legal part of the Oral Torah, committed to writing around the year 170 CE) and the Midrash (a separate part of the Oral Torah, dealing with extra details of stories in biblical texts, committed to writing around the same time), this “proof” of Islam’s legitimacy wears somewhat thin.

3) Miracles—As with any religion, miracles are claimed.

Less advanced peoples would likely have used this to start their own new religions!

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