Dating a pimp Online free sex chat without registration or sign up

24-Oct-2019 07:19

The pimp spends most of his time away from the track, and doesn’t go anywhere near a girl and her john, the ho for the most part is on her own if anything happens and at best can call the pimp.A lot of people don’t understand why a woman would become a ho.Black men have long been fiercely resistant to working a chump job for a white boss which they saw correctly as a return to slavery.Running a hustle or “game” was seen as the only way to retain their manhood in a world built to keep them down.Either way the wannabe had to be, that he learned that the game was to be sold not told.It’s believed the tradition of pimping in America can be traced to the freed slaves who capitalized on the white man’s lust for black pussy and over the years each new generation added rules to the game.Traditional pimping in America is similar to a secret society with its own rituals, language and oral tradition called “the book”.

The rules to the game of pimping were passed on in pieces to each new generation on the condition that the wannabe pimp had to earn the information from the seasoned veteran or through mistakes of their own.

That game could be conning, dope dealing, thieving or pimping.

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