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30-May-2020 12:44

Maybe he reached out to you because he was thinking about you a lot and he wanted to touch base and find out how your life is going since your breakup.Or, maybe you were the one to let him know that there is still a place for him in your heart.

If you and your ex boyfriend are not willing to sit down together and openly discuss the reasons for your breakup, then you probably will not be able to repair the relationship.

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After you and your ex had stopped dating each other, you were each free to move on and form relationships with other people.

If you have dated other people since you and your ex boyfriend broke up, be prepared that your ex might want to know details about who you were involved with and why you are no longer with that person.

dating your ex boyfriend again " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// /You probably thought that your time with him was over and that you would never get back together.