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The need for such an organization was recognized by several individuals—a group that included Harold Wilson, Norris Allen, Reginald Stevens, and V. Stevens was its first president and Berkeley Richards its first general secretary.As the union got more deeply involved in the struggles of workers against sugar plantation owners, it became increasingly political.Between 19, when Antigua and Barbuda achieved independence from Britain, there were at least five important sets of decolonizing constitutional changes that paved the way to national independence.As the leader of the ALP, Bird was the nation's first prime minister. Behind the late twentieth century reviving and respecifying of the place of Afro-Antiguans and Barbudans in the cultural life of the society, is a history of race/ethnic relations that systematically excluded them.Antigua, or Wadadli, has an area of 108 square miles, (280 square kilometers) while Barbuda, or Wa'omoni, is 62 square miles (160 square kilometers) in area, making for a twin island microstate of 170 square miles (440 square kilometers).This state includes the tiny (by Caribbean standards) island of Redonda, which has remained uninhabited.Antigua is an island of both volcanic origin and sedimentary rock (limestone) formation.

Between 19, universal adult suffrage and self-government became high-priority demands of the union.The 1997 estimate by the Department of Statistics placed the population at 69,890 and projected a figure of 72,3.These increases are the result of significant inflows of migrants from Guyana, Dominica, and the Dominican Republic.Among themselves, there were divisions between British Antiguans and noncreolized Britons, with the latter coming out on top.

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In short, this was a race/ethnic hierarchy that gave maximum recognition to Anglicized persons and cultural practices.The turning point in this history of anticolonial struggle was the series of peasant/worker insurrections that occurred in the Caribbean between 19, with the latter year being the one in which Antiguan and Barbuduan workers and peasants revolted.

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