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The 1961 ministerial regulation on Fishing on Lake Tanganyika identifies and regulates three categories of fishing operations, as follows: Authorisation is required for all types of fishing operations and is subject to payment of a prescribed fee.

The draft legislation consists of a set of five separate texts - viz.: This is a comprehensive piece of legislation containing a preamble that emphasises the uniqueness of Lake Tanganyika ecosystem and stresses the need to ensure its protection.

In recent years, production has fallen drastically from historical levels owing to political unrest and insecurity, culminating in complete closure of landing sites in March 1996.

Industrial purse seining, which was pioneered in the Burundi sector of Lake Tanganyika, has for some time been in decline.

The management authority is severely constrained from fulfilling its monitoring, enforcement, and extension roles by chronic budget shortages.

Much of the technical assistance provided through external funding in past years, such as for upgrading the fisheries statistics and information systems (FAO/PNUD Project BDI/90/002), has had no lasting impact because national follow-up activities cannot be supported by the weak departmental budget.The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) became the world’s most popular English-language test for study, work and migration purposes.