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25-May-2020 05:50

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These standards include a helpful checklist for improving the condition of your HVAC system, which can help with cooling.

Warehouses have larger areas to cool, which means larger cooling systems that take up more room and use more energy.

Because of the large space and air distribution challenges of warehouses, hot air tends to stagnate throughout the building.

Additionally, many warehouses serve as manufacturing or processing centers where employees use chemicals that get mixed into hot air.

These circumstances lead to a reduced quality of air throughout the warehouse.

If left unchecked, this reduction in air quality can lead to serious problems including sick building syndrome (SBS).

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Human comfort and safety should be the number one concern for facility managers who are responsible for warehouses with a workforce of people inside of them.

One way to combat this issue is to create a more even distribution of air inside of the warehouse.