Dating iranian women iran

24-Oct-2020 13:38

Take a look at stunning Iranian women: Iranian women are known to be fun individuals to be around.

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They wear cosmetics and dress in sexy modern attire (when in their home or at the private party).

As a Persian woman on the west coast I don't believe that blanket statement is fair, and even if it were it might be due to other factors like the higher cost of city living in California, where most Persians are concentrated. I don't think it's fair to draw conclusions about a whole group from just your personal experience. who have no patience or desire to learn English - and really don't care much about anything outside their social circle full of daily activities related to a culture ancient , glorious and deep. Just the love and drama of friendship , love and spirituality in a expression westerners rarely can relate to. Biggest reason for this is that most of them are used to nice things because their husbands and fathers have always had good paying jobs.