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“Three governments are to be blamed for their irresponsibility,” said Yu Young-nim, director of My Sister’s Place, a social service agency that helps Philippine bar girls forced into prostitution in South Korea. Department of Defense has a strict policy against prostitution and human trafficking that requires military officials to “deter activities of Do D Service members, civilian employees, indirect hires” and others “that would facilitate or support [sex trafficking] domestically and overseas.” And in practice, U. military officials have long placed South Korean “glass houses,” where prostitutes sit in storefronts like meat hanging in a butcher shop window, off-limits. officials don’t identify juicy bars or use the term — have been declared no-go zones for U. Forces Korea personnel due to prostitution and human trafficking violations.

“The Philippine government for not working hard to create job opportunities for its poor people, the Korean government for not managing and controlling jobs [given to immigrants] and the U. government for neglecting its responsibility to supervise its soldiers and for not helping these victims.” Officially, none of what often transpires inside the juicy bars is supposed to be happening. But no such blanket prohibition exists for juicy bars, despite their history of trouble. Another 19 outside Osan Air Base were almost added to that list earlier this year for similar reasons before they collectively agreed to clean up their acts. State Department, in its 2009 “Trafficking in Persons Report,” notes that South Korea is a “destination country” for women from the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia, “some of whom are recruited to work on entertainment visas and may be vulnerable to trafficking for sexual exploitation or domestic servitude.” “Does prostitution occur? And, if we find out it is going on, that bar goes off-limits.” U. military representatives say they believe most of the juicy bars stick to selling juice — and the few minutes of female companionship that each glass can buy a servicemember.

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