Dating out of your social class

18-Aug-2020 11:17

She read design magazines and blogs obsessively, poring over the latest trends in closet organization and wall colors.She redecorated frequently and was rarely confident in her choices.Though Jim and Danielle have been married for almost 30 years, they still treat money very differently.Danielle, like many of the spouses who grew up working class, didn’t like to budget or develop a long-term savings plan.“I am a lot more openly affectionate than I would have been otherwise,” she said.Another source of tension for inter-class couples is housework.She dropped out of high school and left her home town, marrying a man she’d later call a lunatic.Over the next six years, she moved 17 times, stood in countless welfare lines and even thought about stealing toilet paper.

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One pair, Scott and Gina, fought bitterly over how to spend their free time. This tension affected how they raised their young children.

William, for example, was the son of a sawmill repairman and a saleswoman.