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She, too, is also proficient in radio advertising and helps businesses with their marketing. Read More Monica Miller is News Director at South Seas Broadcasting. Read More Doug Avauli is a News Anchor and Translator for South Seas Broadcasting.Monica is American Samoa's foremost journalist and anchor of the daily KHJ Radio News. Every day, Doug undertakes the tremendous task of translating all of the KHJ News English news stories for our Samoan-speaking audience. This BA programme harnesses the complementary strengths of Archaeology and Ancient History to transform our understanding of the past.

The additional information gained through contextual data allows us to recognise a student’s potential to succeed in the context of their background and experience.You will be given the opportunity to use cutting edge technology through this combined bachelors degree to develop research and archival skills, preparing you for further study in a postgraduate degree or moving on to a subject related career.Graduates from the Ancient History and Archaeology BA degree have gained employment in heritage management, museums or archaeological research.This might mean application of cutting edge technology to discover and map new sites, or develop complimentary archival research skills.

Whatever you choose, Archaeology and Ancient History at Southampton will enable you to gain invaluable skills and study topics about which both you and our staff are passionate.Apply for the BA in Ancient History and Archaeology degree at the University of Southampton and develop archaeological and anthropological thought of the past.