Dating sit 2016

17-Aug-2020 16:56

As I travelled up, I caught the eye of a beautiful women travelling down on the opposite side.

She smiled and for a brief moment there was a very real connection.

Meanwhile for him; if she accepts the drink he knows the interest is mutual and if she declines his time won’t be wasted. We took exactly what we do in real life and put it online.

To send his first introductory message a man confirms his interest is genuine through a micro transaction. If she’s not interested we’ll simply ensure he doesn’t lose out financially. Whether it be in a Russian metro, a Japanese bar or online you need to feel safe that an introduction is coming from a genuine place with real intention.

When researching the market we looked at how our competitors matched their users.

We found a disarray of introductions where 24% of suggested matches were suitably compatible.

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Many years later I was sitting at a bar with some friends in Tokyo.His investment lets her know he is specifically interested in her.