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13-Jun-2020 02:40

Such conflict can confuse children regarding their abilities, which can cause inner turmoil and the desire to cease communication about them.

There are many ways for parents, teachers, and friends to help psychically gifted children positively perceive themselves and their abilities, to explore who they are, and help them discover what they could become.

Psychic communication among family members can confuse and even upset children.

To them, “knowing” things they “shouldn’t” know can be frightening.

School-age children’s psychic experiences were generally centered around what adults would consider trivial matters, such as school and grades, fashion trends, relationships, and dating, while adults’ experiences focused on matters such as death, serious injury, or health issues.

Interestingly, about 10 percent of the psychic experiences for both children and adults involved family pets.

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One recent study indicates more than three-quarters of psychic incidents reported were of the precognitive variety—either intuitions or dreams of future events that turned out to be accurate.

Psychic experiences generally involve everyday, mundane events.

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