Dating vintage jbl d130f speaker

14-Jan-2020 09:09

The foil-cal colors were as with the larger drivers and followed the same timeline regarding alterations.

Fender was not the only company to request specific colors from JBL.

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The original JBL's as developed into musical instrument speakers for Fender in the early '60s had gray frames and magnet covers, with the foil-cal on the rear of the magnet cover in a gold/silver format.To give an example, a typical Oxford speaker from the ’60s will look something like: 465-217.465 designating the Oxford EIA code, 2 designating the year 1962, and 17 designating the 17th week of ’62.Sunn's 4 x 12 Sceptre amp was offered with optional D123S drivers, which was a speaker based on JBL's D123 hi-fi speaker.

It featured a 3-inch voice coil and a 6-lb alnico magnet. The D120F is orange and was the one Fender had made for them.

First of all, the grey basket D series speakers provided to Fender for production after the changes were made to the Hi Fi speakers, ALWAYS had the F suffix. The D120F and D130F series voice coils were not larger than the D131 & D130 voice coils.