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26-Jan-2020 16:33

The ban can be reduced by 13 weeks if Humphreys successfully completes a drink-driving rehabilitation course.

, denying the resurrection of Christ, and every gentile-hating volume by the collective authors (Chazal) of the Talmud Bavli.

War is a costly business, which is why a thriving Town is key to winning glorious victories.

Even the most powerful Lords must pay a dear price to construct and upgrade buildings, conduct Studies, maintain their army, and train warriors.

Calvary has been replaced by Auschwitz as the locus of cosmic evil.

What do so-called “Christians” have to say about the derogation of their Savior in favor of the supremacy of Talmudic ideology?

Your interest in science will be richly rewarded - your scholars will give your army superiority on the battlefield and bring incredible growth to your Town as an expression of their gratitude.

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Sooner or later, you will join this great battle, whether driven by your thirst for power or the desire to protect your people. They have heard tell of your curiosity and wisdom, and that you are a Lord who always takes care of their people.Upgrading Farms, Lumber Mills, Mines, Stone Quarries, and Houses will give you the resources you need, while learning new technologies will improve the efficiency of your buildings!