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21-Jan-2020 02:36

With all my friend was going through the last few years with her health, she spent very little time discussing it.

She was always far more interested in what was going on with others.

Only a month after all this he is backing away, acting distant and telling me we need to sit down and have a long talk. He is closing up his old life and moving to a new life with you. I think that I am suffering from a bit of depression and it has affected how I am responding to his comments.

It was always some form of: Her: “I’m proud of you. Love you too.” We all have lots of friends we stay in touch with, keep up with on Facebook, text regularly or maybe if we get crazy, give them a call.

But are we investing in each other in a way that makes a difference?

With about a 20-year age difference between us, I wasn’t quite sure we would have much to relate about. A small group of arrived a night early, and so we all decided to go out to dinner. This was about having my back before I knew I needed it.

This was thinking about someone else and being selfless and caring.Have your friend’s back I always knew I could count on her to share my perspective, regardless of the obstacle I was dealing with. While always willing to challenge me to think, I never doubted that her intent was to help me make the right choices and become a better person.

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