Dating your ex husband speed dating in singapore

11-Jan-2020 09:31

He had and it was his way of diverting the situation.

After a few years, my mom helped her get through their divorce. I used to catch him talking to his exes and random women all the time.

But most of all, I hope I never get another AM intoxicated text from him. My father is manipulative, lies and make up dramatic stories so he is always in the right/to make people feel sorry for him or make it seem everyone hates him and is out to get him.

Oh, my little heart just broke reading this letter...He sees his sons but is mending the relationship with the older 2 because their mother bad mouthed the hell out of him when they split.However the youngest son doesn't listen to her lies and has a great relationship with my BF, his dad.He is also seeing a woman who I have never said a bad word about, yet she sends me ALL KINDS of trash emails and texts and at one time recruited a friend of hers, that I dont even know but had seen around the ballpark where my son played, to do the same.

My ex has told her, and anyone else who would listen, so many lies I've lost count.

No one deserves to go through what I did with that man. I tried to tell her something similar, but I think my ex twisted my words - making me seem like a jealous ex.