Daughter dating loser boyfriend

05-Oct-2019 10:40

With that being said what if you do not know you have a loser boyfriend!?Believe it or not most people know they can do better in terms of finding a better life partner. That statement I am sure does not come as much of a surprise.Every woman has a list and every woman understands what she wants but I am here to tell you what you don’t want and 10 signs that your boyfriend is a loser! He does not have a stable or steady job/ career due to lack of educational planning?So if he still feels his rap career is about to take off and he does not have a demo yet, tell him to start the job hunt for a new career.Hello, I'm new here, and found this forum trying to figure out why my daughter is doing what she's doing! Her last one was 6 years ago, and ended up with her having my grandsons, who is the love of my life. Early in September, she met this guy-who I know now she was lying about...job/schooling etc. They went 'out'-she was the one to drive (she said she 'didn't mind', then I found it it was because he has no car! Within 2 weeks, she stormed out of here, took her son, and is living with this guy. I think it's a total lack of self esteem, even though I've done everything I could do through the years to help her with that-I guess I didn't do enough. I can find NOTHING good that 'HE' has brought to her life, and I don't see why she insists on staying. I know how you feel being angry and then wondering what you did wrong and then back to not even wanting to talk to your daughter. I don't know if just leaving your daugther alone will help or not.They have lived with me since she found out she was pregnant. I have since found out that besides having no car, he has no job, which to me obviously means no money, no future..grandson says he sits home and plays video games! I have also found out she has quit her schooling among other things. I've gone from complete anger to 'what did I do wrong' to I don't want to talk to her-the complete gamut of emotions. It didn't help with my situation if I left her alone or bugged her off-and-on or constantly!Does he not actively try to be in his children’s life from a previous girlfriend or ex-wife?Let’s just say when you have a baby you should know what to expect.5.

Chivalry is not dead even towards the independent women.8.

Most of my clients are willing to go from man to man just to ensure they are not sleeping alone at night.

When I inform my clients they are insecure and should live with out a man until they find a suitable one that has many attributes they want from a partner, I usually get the question of “well what’s not suitable”.

Is he not concerned about his personal hygiene such as not cutting his hair, trimming his nails and or having a clean house?

This can be easily fixed with some positive reinforcement.

If he does not have any measurable goals, dreams or aspirations of wanting more in life.