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After a chaotic start to the year, they’ve settled in the heart of downtown Austin—their own house of gold.

However, the start of the summer isn’t all water skiing and barbeque.

He is a top celebrity chef with countless cook books and even his own show.

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But it is only quite recently that the quirky, often bizarrely-gifted, crime fighter has taken over the traditional procedural, as well.With Jensen's ability to feel the subject's emotions and pain, and Jared's extraordinary ability of communication, they work as paranormal detectives seeking the missing, the lost, the dead and the dying.A new case puts Jensen's life in danger and Jared must use all his exotic abilities to find the perpetrator before time runs out.Jared is a claire—clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

He can hear, see, smell and even gather emotions from either side of the veil.Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) Dr.