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09-Sep-2020 18:32

Double Your Dating e Book (it costs .97 and you can test if for free) is a scam, tell their readers to check out an alternative that costs at least .

What a surprise.​So, just because David De Angelo was born with the unsexy name Eben Pagan, doesn’t mean that he is a liar and just because some dodgy website tells you to check out an e Book that’s more than three times as expensive than “” doesn’t mean that they are telling you the truth.

David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating e Book and my crazy adventures.

In all honest: Without this book, I would have never been able to help so many men all over the world.

What if, what if, what if…It has been years since I first read his book. And even though it is definitely not for everyone (more on that later), I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I spread the lie that David De Angelo’s valuable book is a scam…Heck, Sebastian Harris is a pen name, at least half of it.

Sebastian is my real name, but once I realized that no American can pronounce my German surname without breaking his tongue, I decided to use another surname. Not every German-speaking person can be blessed with a surname that sounds as cool as Schwarzenegger.

David De Angelo allows you to test his #1 bestselling dating e Book 7-days for FREE.

While it is true that the most beautiful women don’t get approached, they are often surrounded by ass-kissers. You won’t believe how many models dream about a relationship with a normal guy, because they are sick and tired of the ass-kissers.

about a product that has been around since the emergence of the seduction community. And yet, it has sold millions of copies all over the world and has more lovers and haters than any other dating product I know. But just because an Indie band gets famous, doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to it anymore. And yet, you can find one article after another that calls the Double Your Dating e Book the biggest scam since the invention of the mortgage.

David’s Double Your Dating e Book provides you with an overview of everything a beginner needs to know about understanding, meeting, attracting and dating women.

He presents one concept after another without any chitchat. I wonder if I still have these notes somewhere…​It took me a while to realize it, but David is right. And even though I am not a big fan of teasing women and putting them down in order to appear more interesting (I honestly believe that this is a sign of weakness), I can’t deny that what David shares on page 20 and again on page 71 works..

One of these concepts is a trick to make women treat you as if you were rich and famous. I never used this technique consciously, but I must have used it a thousand times on a subconscious level.

I didn’t know more about dating and women than you do right now, probably a lot less.

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