Emma watson dating johnny simmons

03-Dec-2019 19:32

Emma reached up to kiss him and gazed at him adoringly before he pulled her in for a tender embrace.

"They spent a few seconds staring into each other's eyes and it seemed obvious they were a couple.

Also that same year, he starred in the short film Whiplash, excerpted from a screenplay by Damien Chazelle, the complete version of which became an Academy Award-winning feature-length film of the same name.

The actor might have come to limelight after dating Harry Potter star Emma Watson, but don’t underestimate the ability and acting potential of the man, as he has become somewhat of a cult hero in the movie industry.

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She loves how down to earth and normal he is and thinks he’s the nicest guy. She doesn’t act like she’s one of the biggest stars in the world.’ The rumours have hit just weeks after Emma told The Sunday Times that she’s struggled to find a beau, because men are afraid to approach her. According to the Dailymail, the relationship was wrecked when he decided against moving with her to England.