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15-Sep-2020 11:19

I want to believe that love is really the answer to everything, and in many ways, I think love has the ability to transform a lot of things, but you can’t love an emotionally unavailable person enough to make them love you in return in the ways you need.

The hardest pill to swallow in these emotionally unavailable relationships is that you can give every ounce of yourself to someone, but if they aren’t willing to go on the ledge for you, it’ll never be the type of long lasting connection you desire.

When you’re dating an emotionally unavailable person, they’ll seek your advice. While it’s true that couples often grow together, and of course, transform over time, the fundamental values a person has - what they believe, what they want in a relationship, their integrity — doesn’t shift.

They’ll say they find comfort in your arms and your words. There’s a difference between that new relationship flutters that make you excited to see someone who has potential to be a big someone in your life, and feeling anxious all the time.

But the youngest member of the Gen X tribe brings lessons learned from his new experiences as a father into the game, as well as a lifetime of experience as an athlete and a younger brother looking to step out from under his siblings’ shadows. If we were playing cards, or we were playing Monopoly, or we were playing a game… You couldn’t get your ass whooped all the time and constantly get beat by your older brothers. What can I do here to possibly shift or bend something in my favor and not feel bad about it afterwards? We’ll play Tic Tac Toe, and I wonder if I should let her win on this one… Ken: Oh, no, fatherhood has opened me up emotionally more than I ever knew possible. you’re pinned under some fifteen foot waves and you think in that moment that this might be the one you don’t come up from.

Click here to read Ken’s bio, and keep reading for our chat. Afterwards, when you’re sitting with all the money on the Monopoly table, and you go outside and you’re shooting baskets and you’re like, “By the way, here’s how I got all of that.” You do what you have to do to win a game, and if you have a competitive mind and a competitive edge like I do… But at the same time, I don’t think it’s healthy when a parent loses their whole personality for their child. You sound like you’re feeling pretty confident about this whole thing. That, on top of numerous other economic and mental and emotional battles that I’ve been through? It’s a generation of hard workers who were on the cusp of some incredible social, political and technological shifts.

Though I tend to be someone who lives with her heart wide open and maintains an ever-hopeful spirit, no matter what life throws my way, I’ve tended to attract (and be attracted to) one very sad type of person: emotionally unavailable men.

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“My whole world revolves around her now.”Ken’s world will revolve around something else over the next 39 days: beating out the competition for the million dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor. Wigler: What’s your comfort level with the lying and the head games? Like I told you, I was the little one, so I was in constant survival mode. (Laughs.)Wigler: So fatherhood hasn’t made you that soft yet. A near-death experience at a young age on the football field, that nearly took me, and a couple of other things on the islands…They know how to push your buttons, hanging on one frayed, desperate thread, keeping you in their grasp, but never fully in their arms, their life or their priorities.The scary thing about emotionally unavailable people is how easy it is to be duped by them, and how they don’t always reveal their true colors until you’re already attached. (Laughs.) It’s a really strange thing, having missed that first four and a half years. It’s the most selfish way of living, but for a lot of people, it’s what’s fitting. But now I have this little person, who everything I do is based around her. I have a nonprofit, and the most beautiful thing she said to me before I left was…

There’s a healthy balance of maintaining your individuality while also being a selfless parent. We are competent and capable in the ‘new world’ yet are happy outside, disconnected from our devices. They’ll let you take the lead, they’ll cry on your shoulder, but they won’t call you their girlfriend. While it might feel electric to always be on edge, wondering what they're doing or what they're thinking, an emotionally unavailable will never allow you to relax into the relationship. Blatantly speaking, emotionally unavailable people may be some of the best you’ll ever sleep with.

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