Failed updating drac 5 firmware

25-Sep-2019 00:09

failed updating drac 5 firmware-67

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I've tried soft resets between updates, tried pulling the power, putting it back, waiting for the i Drac to boot and then boot the machine, tried using the DUPs, the i Drac web interface and SSH... Does anyone have any idea as to how I can get this updated?

At the moment due to the age of the i Drac firmware I get a connection failure which apparently is due to it not liking any of the modern browsers.

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Visit Stack Exchange I installed this Windows update package from DELL.

Which means I’ll have to run this update all over again, and again, and probably again…

Resetting the i Drac is quick and usually fixes most issues -Problem is the i Drac has never been setup with an IP, so Web GUI reboot is not an option -That also rules out using SSH to the i Drac to reset it Open Command Prompt and run the CLI command: racadm racreset /soft -This will do a reset on the i Drac and will not cause a reboot of the system -This gives me an error that says the license is expired or not applied, so the command will not run How about installing the firmware a different way?

So I've run the SUU and updated everything except the i Drac controller. It's on the version it shipped with which is 1.10.13 (10th Sept 2009!! I'm updating via SSL running: If I try anything newer than 1.30 then it fails with not enough space.

I retired it when I started at my current gig a few years back but now I need to press it into duty in our DR site.I've tried 1.20, 1.30 and a lot of newer ones with the errors as above.I cannot find a download for 1.11 (the FTP location on the Dell kb here: https://com/FOLDER00681749M/1/Looking for 11G i DRAC MONOLITHIC is no longer valid) to try that.I don't want to install this in our colo without virtual console working.

I'd like to try a 1.11 firmware if anyone has a link to it?

I need to reset the i Drac so I complete the tasks below: Note – This does a soft reset not a hard reset, the i Drac login credentials and IP addresses will remain intact.