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The few leaves that escaped the transformation by being preserved by some chemical action that possibly caught them as they floated downward, or forests of trees petrified into rocks, make for exciting adventures of discovery.

Yet the fact of not seeing does in no way change a grain of sand as it wanders on from day to day, carried out to sea of one receding ocean, only to be deposited on another and another until it finally becomes part of a sandstone.

The earth is layered by sedimentary soil and fossilized materials as it ages.

This can be seen along many newly built mountainous highways where various layers of rock, minerals, and vegetative materials are exposed to the human eye as the mountains have been cut through to make passageways.

This of course includes fossils, of animal and plant life.

Mostly, of course plant life would have decayed, but leaf fossils do remain if they were immediately covered by volcanic ash that preserved them from rot.

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In particular, two important events: “In 1903, Sir Ernest Rutherford (1871-1937) along with Frederick Soddy (1877-1956) identified the phenomenon of radioactive half-life decay, and the discovery of carbon 14 in 1940 by Martin David Karmen and Sam Ruben.” An interesting new science developing, that of the new discovering the old.The moral of that is everything is useful in some way, known or unknown, old or new.Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.It may stay this way for millenniums until it once again gets smashed into sand, a grain swallowed by an oyster where it grates and grinds along with other bits of sand, until a beautiful pearl has been created.

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The interesting part is that it is all still around, even though shuffled from here to there.

The Jurassic Maiopatagium and Vilevolodon are long-extinct relatives of living mammals. Luo said they are haramiyidans, an entirely extinct branch on the mammalian evolutionary tree, but are considered to be among forerunners to modern mammals.

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