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01-Mar-2020 04:06

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Read To a greater extent you have to line up a code.The My Space friend ID is often confused with the vanity URL.The vanity URL is the name or number following " " used to access the person's profile page.In the event, the site nonetheless is out there, and also you need to get the outdated model:.

UNDER OR TO THE RIGHT OF TTHE PICTURE IT SAYS, " ADD TO f RIENDS ", CLICK THAT(: thanks,: P Read More Link Generator Create cool, custom text links, as well as image links." title="Read More To add a friend on myspace; FIRST, you go to FRIENDS- How to line up your My Space Friend ID: Thanks for stopping by My Space maniac!Link Drop Down Menu Create and customize a drop down list with a go button that has your favourite sites in it. Hide Add Comment Link These codes will hide the add comment link on your myspace profile. Join Myspace What's red-hot on you would type in) it would attend something like this: some.