Helping kids cope with dating after divorce

20-Mar-2020 15:33

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The truth is that if you don’t get a bit of ‘me-time’; things probably won’t work out.

You might even end up resenting your children, blaming them as the reason why you cannot find a new partner.

Your kids will want to know that you still have respect for your ex, and they might be a bit shocked if they see you with someone too soon after your divorce.

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Even if your children are young and don’t understand everything about dating, their instincts still count for a lot and they will see through lies.

That way you can find someone not only close to your age, but also someone who can understand you better because of their maturity.

On the other side if you are still younger and your children are still young, then a younger partner won’t be such an issue.

However this doesn’t mean that you should stay single for the sake of your little one’s approval, and in fact finding a new companion can really help you with your family life; which in the long-term will benefit your children.

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The key is to make sure you can introduce that partner to your children and slowly get them to accept him or her as a new member of the family. It will take time for your children to accept someone new, so the first thing you will want to do is not to force that person upon the rest of your family in a short amount of time.

Meeting new people can be difficult, even more so when you are divorced and you have children.