Hibernate executeupdate not updating

28-Feb-2020 02:35

Consider 2 classes: public class A public class B The following code persists an instance of A and B within same transaction B b = new B(); get Hibernate Template().save(b); // Persist as object A a = new A(); B(b); Working ----------- get Hibernate Template.save(a); // Persist as object Not working: --------------- SQLQuery query = get Session().create SQLQuery("insert into table_a (column_b) values(?

)"); Integer(Id()); query.execute Update(); // Persist using native SQL query It fails with foreign key violation constraint claiming that no record with id = xxx exists in table_b, even though i issued an insert of object 'b'.

It may also happen before a Query/Criteria is executed but that depends on which Flush Mode you are using.

As you have discovered by yourself there is one exception.

This is my source code: //Prep work Session Factory session Factory = Hibernate Session Factory(); Session session = session Current Session(); //Get All Employees Transaction tx = session.begin Transaction(); Query query = session.create Query("from Employee"); List emp List = query.list(); for(Employee emp : emp List) //Update Employee query = session.create Query("update Employee set name= :name where id= :id"); Parameter("name", "Pankaj Kumar"); Long("id", 1); int result = query.execute Update(); println("Employee Update Status=" result); query = session.create Query("from Employee"); emp List = query.list(); for(Employee emp : emp List) //rolling back to save the test data tx.rollback(); //closing hibernate resources session Factory.close(); List of Employees::1, San Jose List of Employees::2, Santa Clara List of Employees::3, Bangalore List of Employees::4, New Delhi Hibernate: update EMPLOYEE set emp_name=? Employee Update Status=1 Hibernate: select employee0_.emp_id as emp_id1_1_, employee0_.emp_name as emp_name2_1_, employee0_.emp_salary as emp_sala3_1_ from EMPLOYEE employee0_ List of Employees::1, San Jose List of Employees::2, Santa Clara List of Employees::3, Bangalore List of Employees::4, New Delhi Changes are actually saved to DB after the transaction is committed, that is the whole point of transaction.

If you are facing a scenario where you need to update data on database then get it for further processing either you update it locally on your objects which will be residing in the persistence context ( in that case will make much more sence to do create Or Update instead of your query), or separate the two steps in 2 transactions You are performing the same query again, but you never committed the first transacation, hence the changes you made were never persisted.

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So basically "query.execute Update()" gets called 850 times but session.commit() gets called only once.HQL is extremely simple to learn and use, and the code is always self-explanatory. .., while we are working with DML operations in HQL we have to call execute Update(); to execute the query, which will returns one integer value after the execution, will discuss more on this later..files required.. There is a one-to-many relationship between the parent tables and the children tables.

Now I have about 850 Code_Details entries that I need to update in database.

-- Cheers, Kristian Well it is obviously relying on the database to return the proper number of affected rows to acheive this return value.

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