How to approach your best friend about dating

22-Jul-2020 07:54

You don't get to experience the same dating or relationship entering process as you would with a total stranger. But, when you are dating your best friend, somehow everything seems a bit harder and more problematic than usual.

Here, as the both sides feel that they are taking a bit of a risk when getting into a relationship in the first place, there is a bigger chance that you two won't just leave each other in a moment, when crisis situations come up.

Since you already know each other, feel comfortable with each other, there are some steps you have in a relationship and dating process that can be skipped.

As you date the person you already know a bit too well, there is less excitement about getting ready for him, or at least in a totally different way.

Sometimes, when the problems come up, you might be having the feeling like not only two of you aren't on the same page, but that your friendship is falling apart and that you aren't as good a couple.

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Those things can really make your relationship even stronger.Knowing someones way of living and what that person expects in life, what that person wants from it, is one of the main things about deciding if you want to be with that person at all. There are not many surprise situations in this kind of relationship, because you already know how he's going to react if you bought yet another dress.

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