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So I arrived at the notion that Abledating simply refunded his 697 dollars and asked him to remove those topics. I’m not going to stop fighting against Abledating scam until I warn enough people and be sure that Abledating won’t scam anymore! Also I found the contact details of Abledating owner: Hi everyone. Take a look I just got a complaint from one of abledating customers who is unsatisfied with the abledating software.

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t=38960 guys stay away from this company ” It’s just another proof that Abledating aka abk-soft is the scam company. Share your opinion about abledating and how abk-soft scam its customers. I hope that the owner of Abledating will understand that having unsatisfied customers is not good.

Another one: “Dimitry, firstly i am the one and only Socialnetworker so how dare you create another profile, which is probably about your 200th that can confuse people about my ID and what I am saying.