Independent women intimidating men

14-Sep-2020 13:20

If you become petty and jealous every time another man speaks to us, we’re not going to dump everyone else; we’re going to dump you.We really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of us.The battle of equality between men and women across the globe has been fought for decades, and the fight has borne fruit.Today women have the opportunity to become anything they fancy; they can become heads of families, leaders of corporations and even presidents of countries.You have two options: accept us as we are or step aside so we can see who’s next in line.A man who’s strong enough to be with you will be able to handle everything you are.Being a boss feels wonderfully empowering in almost every way, but the biggest challenge that tends to come our way is finding true love.Men are accustomed to being the strong one in a relationship, the dominant decision maker who overpowers the timid submissive woman and usually gets his way.

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Even if our plan is just to order a pizza and watch Netflix, it’s going to be the best night ever.

However, most of the things that make a woman so intimidating are things that every woman should aspire to develop, because everyone has the right to better him or herself.